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Run One

I would understand if you thought that this here extinct birds field guide project was all talk. When is she actually going to print something? you are probably thinking. Well, the answer to that question is, Sunday, March 9th, 2014. We are on our way, kids.

App vs. Paper

So, as I started this project partly because  paper field guides are one of the kinds of printed books that are probably going to disappear (like dictionaries, encyclopedias, atlases, travel guides, etc.) to be replaced by easily portable, easily updated apps. One of things that apps are better at is recording and communicating birdsong. I love the ways that writers…

What Does It Sound Like

I started working on a field guide because I think that paper field guides, like travel guides and encyclopedias, will be gone soon. One reason is that the kinds of things that guides describe for each bird in order to differentiate them are often the things about birds that are difficult to document in print. Like birdsong: Quiet whistled peeping…